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Milwaukee Program Overview
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Guaranteed Recycling Schedules Citywide!

Each year from the spring through the fall, the Department of Public Works collects recyclables on guaranteed dates for all residents. The first year of this, 2010, resulted in increased recycling levels and greater customer satisfaction. Most households serviced with carts receive collection every three weeks. Residents serviced with small bins continue to receive weekly collection on the same day year round.

How will I know when my collection dates are?

Collection schedules are delivered to recycling carts in the spring. You can also view and download a full list of your recycling and garbage collection dates online from the spring through fall. During the winter months, collection dates are not guaranteed due to the clean up of snow and ice. 

Recycling schedule information and benefits:
  • Carts must be rolled to collection points on designated pickup dates
  • Carts picked up more frequently than past once per month program
  • More frequent collection increases recycling capacity, accommodating those extra recyclables that used to pile up between pickups
  • Increased recycling means that we are sending less to landfills, which saves the City money and helps to lower fees and taxes for everyone

Thanks for recycling! Together, LET’S MAKE MILWAUKEE CLEAN AND GREEN.

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